“I’m Now Baba Ibeji”—Warm Congratulations pours as Davido and wife, Chioma allegedly welcome beautiful twins (Video)

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Claims suggesting that the renowned Afrobeat artist, Davido, and his beloved wife, Chioma Rowland, have recently welcomed twins have generated mixed reactions. There have been circulating rumors that the couple, who tragically lost their son in October of the previous year, has now become parents to a set of twins.

Adding to the speculations, Davido had previously hinted at his wife’s potential role as a “Maba Ibeji” (mother of twins) in one of the songs from his album, Timeless.

These rumors have sparked discussions and conflicting comments among fans and followers, with some expressing joy and congratulations while others remain skeptical until there is official confirmation.

In his song titled ‘In The Garden,’ featuring Morravey, Davido included lyrics that hinted at the possibility of twins, saying, “Abi mo meji, mama Ibeji.” If these lyrics hold true, it would bring a glimmer of joy to the couple who had previously endured the heartbreaking loss of their first child, a baby boy at the age of 3.

Fans and followers have taken note of these lyrics and shared their reactions:

  • Valie Mendie pointed out, “He said it in the song ‘Baba Ibeji.'”
  • Judith Of Lagos emphasized, “He used it in his album, in the garden song lyrics, Abi mo meji, mama Ibeji.”
  • Shop Kandy Accessories also noted, “He used it in his Album, so happy he now keeps his family gist off social media. Congrats to them.”
  • Olivia Sassy expressed her joy, saying, “I prayed for this oo. I hope it’s true.”
  • MZ Valentino hoped for the best, stating, “That would really be a piece of good news if it’s true. Happy for them.”
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