“I Actually abandoned my daughter For Real But That Mother Caused It”– DJ Chicken says as he blasts mother-in-law after calling him out (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Contentious disc jockey Ademola Abiodun, widely known as DJ Chicken, has found himself in the midst of a family dispute, with his mother-in-law making accusations against him. She accused him of leaving his daughter in the village, which prompted a live discussion where DJ Chicken provided his perspective on the matter.

During the live discussion, DJ Chicken recounted his side of the story. He mentioned that his mother-in-law had played a significant role in the situation by forbidding him from visiting his daughter. She assured him that she would take sole responsibility for caring for the child.

DJ Chicken expressed his frustration and announced his intention to take legal action against his mother-in-law. He asserted that he would not be financially contributing to his daughter’s well-being due to the circumstances surrounding the situation.

This family dispute highlights the complexities that can arise in personal relationships and underscores the importance of open communication and legal recourse when necessary to resolve such matters.

The video sparked a significant reaction on social media, with users sharing their thoughts and comments. Here are some of the reactions:

  • may18_souvenirsandessentials humorously remarked, “School toh wah tangible! 😂😂😂”.
  • arinmotunrayo joined in, saying, “School toh wa tangible 😂🤣😂 emama tun gba mii 😂😂”.
  • stack_btc questioned, “Higher institution Bawo at this age Akanni calm na 😂😂”.
  • dj_deliva02 added with a chuckle, “More eggs to come 😂😂”.
  • adigun_olawunmi_aduni appreciated DJ Chicken, saying, “I love the fact that he did not deny the child 😂😍”.

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