Iyabo Ojo addresses trolls, saying, “Why concern ourselves with haters when God isn’t even universally loved 100%?”

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has once again indirectly addressed the trolls and haters who have been criticizing her, particularly in relation to her involvement in the late Mohbad’s death.

In a message directed at her detractors, Iyabo expressed that she chooses not to be bothered or worried about them. She made a powerful statement by noting that not even God is universally loved by everyone to a full 100%.

For her, the key is to stay true to herself, find strength in her faith, and rely on the support and love of those who genuinely care about her. She affirmed her determination to keep being herself and continue winning in life.

Her message conveys a sense of resilience and self-assuredness in the face of criticism and negativity.

Just a few days ago, Iyabo Ojo addressed the criticism she faced for filming the preparations for Mohbad’s burial. She acknowledged that she is not perfect, but she emphasized her commitment to living as a fearless, bold, and courageous woman who speaks out and fights for justice.

The single mother of two boldly declared her intention to continue speaking her truth, regardless of the narratives that others may paint about her and the hate she may receive. She expressed her desire for a better Nigeria and a safe environment for her children, recognizing that this responsibility begins with her and extends to the public.

Iyabo Ojo received praise this week following a video in which Funke Akindele recounted how Sikiratu Sindodo and Iyabo Ojo had stood up for her in the Yoruba film industry. In the interview, Funke Akindele shared her experiences of being stereotyped due to her physical appearance and being relegated to minor roles.

Fortunately, Sikiratu Sindodo and Iyabo Ojo came to her defense, challenging producers who underestimated her. Iyabo even went the extra mile by treating her to meals whenever she was rejected on set. This act of support and solidarity highlighted the bond among these actresses and their determination to uplift each other in the industry.

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