Why I choose to be a woman – Crossdresser Bobrisky finally Speak Out as he shares throwback photo

Written by fazazy39

Popular Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju, known as Bobrisky, has opened up about why he chose to embrace a feminine identity despite being born male.

Bobrisky, who refers to himself as the sexiest trans on earth, explained the origin of his name and his decision. He shared that from the moment he entered this world, he made a personal choice to identify as a woman.

Additionally, he mentioned that having financial means has made it easier for him to pursue his crossdressing lifestyle.

He emphasized that there is nothing inherently wrong with being a man, but he believes he can achieve more in life by identifying as a woman. Bobrisky praised women for their caring, soft-hearted, beautiful, and hardworking nature, stating that he recognized these qualities in himself as he grew up.

Regarding his choice of the name Bobrisky, he explained that he had taken significant risks to become the woman he is today, including undergoing surgical procedures and continuing to live authentically.

He wrote: “Meet the sexiest trans on earth 🌍. OKUNEYE Idris believes MONEY💰 can fulfill all desires. With money, you can be whoever you want on this earth. Idris was born a man on August 31, 1992.

As soon as I entered this world and was mature enough to distinguish between right and left, I told myself I want to be a WOMAN.”

Bobrisky further elaborated on his perspective, emphasizing that there’s nothing inherently negative about being a man. However, he genuinely believes he can excel in life as a woman. He praised women for their caring, soft-hearted, beautiful, and hardworking qualities, attributing these characteristics to his upbringing and his remarkable mother.

He expressed no regrets about taking the bold step to become his true self and had no intention of apologizing to anyone. He acknowledged that people may have differing opinions, but he remains unbothered by their judgments.

He proudly embraced the name Bobrisky, which symbolizes the significant risks he undertook to become the woman he is today. He mentioned undergoing various surgical procedures and highlighted his success as a woman, including fame, homes, and cars.

In conclusion, Bobrisky encouraged others not to be afraid of embracing their true selves, asserting that being authentic is the key to living a fulfilling life.

The reactions to Bobrisky’s revelation varied among social media users:

  1. castellocastello7 expressed admiration for Bobrisky and hoped to meet her one day, extending birthday wishes.
  2. sassy.hijabi pointed out the double standards in society, where famous individuals like Bobrisky receive praise for their choices while ordinary people face criticism.
  3. judyaustin1 offered support, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself.
  4. uwaizeh raised concerns about questioning the Creator’s choice in one’s gender but wished Bobrisky well.
  5. official_ken_stylo defended Bobrisky, urging others to stop the hate and respect his choices, highlighting his achievements.
  6. theabdulrahmans commended Bobrisky’s journey, resilience, and passion, recognizing the growth and transformation.
  7. eminentgpower echoed support for Bobrisky, emphasizing that as long as his choices harm no one, there’s no reason for hate.
  8. tosanjjoe sought clarification on whether Bobrisky’s transition was based on a personal choice or a gender identity issue, emphasizing the importance of being clear about the motivation behind such decisions.

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