“He Dey Lagos Dey Form Big Boy While He abanndoned his daughter in village With Me He Without Taking Care Of Her”– Mother In-law of DJ Chicken’s babymama cries out online.

Written by fazazy39

Rewrite DJ Chicken has faced allegations of neglecting his daughter and leaving her in the village by a Nigerian woman who claims to be his mother-in-law.

In a viral video, the woman shared intimate details about the singer’s lifestyle, accusing him of failing to provide for his daughter’s school fees, care, or relocation from the village while he resides in Lagos.

Furthermore, she highlighted that the child’s disruptive behavior had earned her a reputation in the neighborhood.

The concerned mother-in-law shared that she had even sought spiritual guidance to understand her daughter’s behavior and was advised that it might be inherited, attributing it to DJ Chicken being the child’s father. Watch the video below for more details:

Rewrite Concerned individuals who watched the clip have also taken to the comment section to voice their views. Here are some of the reactions:

@3D_ACTOR humorously remarked, “Dem say the boy self dey do wonranwonran like em papa 😂”.

@SammyZaddy1123 joked, “If chicken no get money dem no go do video oooo 😂”.

@Babzjosh suggested, “Make chicken come carry am no DNA needed”.

@igbalodepacific questioned, “And the werey no dey for twitter way we for mention him name”.

@iam_sirshigo humorously noted, “Small tap tap wey baba still dey gather then want follow am share”.

@oyetunji_bisi playfully claimed, “Dj chicken na ur son be that no DNA, he Dey do wonranwonran”.

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