Fans react to a humorous video shared by actress Danilo la Oni alongside actor Joseph Momodu, stating, “Jigan’s time is for fights, but Momodu’s is for smiles.”

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Damilola Oni has shared a delightful video of herself and Joseph Momodu online. In the video, the actress can be seen playfully showcasing her assets, and the onlookers are heard cheering her on.

This is a stark contrast to a previous incident where Damilola was involved in a dispute with Jigan Babaoja over Kizz, as she now appears to be in a jovial mood with popular actor Joseph Momodu.

Joseph Momodu was visibly excited and couldn’t contain his joy. He even humorously remarked that he had a friend who was well-endowed in every aspect. In the video, he wore a smile as he praised his colleague, Damilola Oni, with whom he is paired in a movie.

His post caption playfully emphasized the importance of pairing actors with actresses who are skilled and well-equipped in various ways, and he humorously suggested getting a Yoruba interpreter. The video showcases the fun and camaraderie between the two actors on set.

People on social media had various reactions to the video:

  • @Divagold__: Teasingly mentioned that Joseph Momodu seems to be quite excited when paired with actresses who have “big breasts.”
  • @Ighotegaleonard: Wondered about the reason behind Joseph Momodu’s joy and excitement, jokingly suggesting that it might be due to the actress’s physique.
  • @Pastoraji_real: Noticed Joseph Momodu’s genuine happiness and laughter in the video.
  • @Schooles100: Appreciated the chemistry and acting skills of Joseph Momodu and Damilola Oni, praising their performances and wishing them success in their careers.

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