“Why You dey hide your Face On Bike” – Video of Yung Doo taking a bike after Portable collects car from him triggers reactions (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

A video featuring Yung Doo, an artist signed under the record label Zeh Nation owned by Portable, has recently emerged online, sparking mixed reactions among viewers.

Just a few days ago, Portable, the artist behind the hit track “Zazoo Zeh,” made headlines when he publicly criticized his signee, Yung Doo, for agreeing to perform at a show for a fee of N70K.

In the video, Portable expresses his anger and questions Yung Doo’s decision to accept such a low payment, emphasizing that he had purchased a N3M Honda car for him and feels that Yung Doo is ungrateful.

Another WhatsApp conversation involving Portable and Yung Duu has surfaced online, in which Portable accuses his signee of bringing bad luck and instructs him to return the car to the record label.

Subsequently, Yung Duu, who has returned the car, is seen back on the streets in a humbler manner, walking on foot. In a video, the up-and-coming singer is seen attempting to hail a motorcycle, and people who recognize him shout his name and start recording him while he looks away. As the motorcycle starts, the video fades out.

Watch the video below

Here are some reactions from social media users:

@amroshanphenom · 1h: Portable, why now? 😄😄😄

@John_essien92: Lol…. Kai, sapa na bad tin o.

@SantiDeyForYou: Another man dey suffer person fake life 😂😂.

@virginofportha1: Who be the mumu wet go sign under portable record label Tha person must be a stupid somebody.

@optimistic_ay1: Oni motor ana 😂😂.

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