“You are truly a fortunate son” – Veteran actor Baba Wande celebrates actor Akinola Akano.

Written by fazazy39

Veteran actor Baba Wande took to his social media account to mark the occasion of actor Akinola Akano’s birthday as he enters a new chapter in life.

In his heartfelt birthday message, accompanied by photos of Akinola Akano, Baba Wande expressed his admiration for the actor’s exceptional humility. He went on to wish Akinola a prosperous future filled with good health, invoking blessings upon him.

Baba Wande’s message read, “Happy Birthday @akinolaakano1. You are such a blessed Son. Your humility and kindness are rare. May you have many more years of wealth and robust health, Insha Allah. May your glory shine, and may God’s blessings be abundant upon you 🙏🏻.”

This gesture demonstrates the camaraderie and support among actors in the entertainment industry.

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