“Haa I Broke Up With My Helper” – A woman laments as her ex-boyfriend reclaims ownership of a container shop following the end of their relationship (Video).

Written by fazazy39

Amaka Doris, a Nigerian woman, recently disclosed the story of how her ex-boyfriend, Vene, repossessed the shop he had built for her following their breakup.

In a video circulating online, a truck was captured relocating the shop, leaving Amaka both astonished and distressed. She expressed her surprise, particularly considering her clear intent to end the relationship.

She narrated, “Because I expressed my decision to no longer be in a relationship, my ex-boyfriend, whose name is Vene, took back the shop he had established for me. When we were together, everything was smooth. He generously provided me with the shop to kickstart something.”

She continued, “So, after our breakup, he went as far as hiring a truck to retrieve the shop, which he didn’t even construct himself. Like, seriously, Vene, even if we parted ways, is that an appropriate course of action? Even if I decided not to continue, is it right to reclaim a shop you gave me when things were good?” You can watch the video below for more details.

The video elicited a wide range of reactions, with some individuals applauding Vene for his actions, arguing that since Amaka initiated the breakup, it was fair for him to reclaim the shop. Here are some comments:

SUMBODI commented, “Vene, thank you for making us proud ahead.”

The_Clutch_Lawyer said, “Mr. Vene, wherever you are, know that the Brotherhood is so proud of you 💪💪.”

Officialwisdom chimed in, “Vene, we’re proud of you, bro 😂. We need guys like you in this country 😂.”

Verified anonymous © expressed, “I left with nothing, I left with nothing. God bless Vene 🥰.”

Dakson17091995 added humorously, “Since you want to start everything anew, a new boyfriend, a new shop.”

Dominion sympathetically noted, “Breaking up with your helper 😢.”

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