“Even your mama no fit” – Bobrisky slams Papaya Ex as he flaunts a Bag full of money after dad’s burial (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Famous Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju, widely known as Bobrisky, recently shared a video online where he threw some subtle shade at his rival, Papaya Ex. He did so while proudly displaying the funds he acquired from his father’s funeral.

Through his Snapchat account, Bobrisky, who often refers to himself as the Mummy of Lagos, confidently exhibited a Ghana-Must-Go bag filled with assorted cash denominations.

Bobrisky humorously mentioned that he might need to summon his account officer to count the substantial amount of money. To further validate the contents of the bag, he even poured the money onto the floor while celebrating his achievement.

In the latter part of the video, the crossdresser took aim at the well-known Instagram influencer, Papaya Ex, who had previously taunted him for not attracting a prominent crowd to his lavish party.

Bobrisky confidently stated that his gatherings would never be graced by Instagram influencers but rather, they would be attended by the affluent individuals of Lagos.

He went on to criticize Papaya Ex, suggesting that she could never replicate the impressive feat he had just accomplished, and he even brought her mother into the discussion, insinuating that she too wouldn’t measure up to the task.

You can view the video below for more details.

Check out the reactions from social media users below:

ugonnwa_: Bob is in a league of his own; his extravagant lifestyle is more expensive than Papaya’s.

prettier_rolake: Papaya is just playing with borrowed money, no comparison to Bob’s wealth.

call__me__preshy: Bob’s money came from his father’s burial, not a house opening. Bob is on a different level.

mz_hilda: It’s ridiculous to compete over who received more money at their party. Both Papaya and Bob are acting strangely.

yellowshugabae: Neither Papaya nor Bobrisky seems to have any sense, but it’s probably because neither of them has a real job. They’re both just show-offs.

See how attendees showered Bobrisky with money at his father’s burial party below (swipe to view more);

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