“Why Did She Rejected It”—The Range Rover Of Over 100million Naira Mohbad Paid For Just Arrived And Her Mother Rejected It (Watch Her Reaction)

Written by fazazy39

A video showcasing the car purchased by the late singer Mohbad has surfaced online, drawing significant attention and intrigue from fans and followers.

Reports indicate that the recently imported car, valued at over 100 million naira, was allegedly turned down by the late singer’s mother. This unexpected development has added a layer of mystery to the story, leaving many to wonder about the reasons behind her decision to reject the cars.

The car delivery included a variety of vehicles, but the precise motives behind the rejection by the late singer’s mother remain undisclosed, intensifying curiosity and speculation among both observers and fans.

The video showcasing the cars that were declined has ignited a flurry of discussions and speculations across various online platforms. Many are deeply curious about the motives behind the late singer’s mother’s decision to turn down these valuable vehicles. While some have speculated that financial concerns or personal preferences might be at play, the precise reasons remain unverified.

You can watch the video below for a closer look at the situation.

Check out the reactions on social media:

Bimpeadetokunbo: “Please support his father; he stood by him. Where is his mother then? I didn’t like his mum for anything, odaju iya omo (a mother’s love is steadfast), that’s why I love Aunt Iyabo Ojo. She left her husband with reasons but never left her children Fes & Pri ❤️🙏. A good mother’s love.”

Segunsea: “Do you want to lose your followers? Why are you posting incorrect information?”

Oscar_pablo_fans: “Go give his father; the man did his best for the boy 😢.”

Og_temzzy: “Mohbad bought a Range Rover Velar, not a 2023 Range Rover.”

Raphegs_stiches: “I thought the car was 52 million, now it’s 100 million. Wahala dey o (trouble dey).”

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