“Arrest Mohbad’s Wife First Before I Can Talk”— Primeboy accuses late singer’s wife Omowunmi of being a prime suspect (Video)

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In a recent statement, Mohbad’s childhood friend, Owodunni Ibrahim Oluwatosin, who is better known as Primeboy, has accused the late singer’s wife, Omowunmi, of being a prime suspect in the ongoing investigation.

He made these allegations after voluntarily surrendering himself to the Lagos State Police Command on October 5th, 2023.

It is worth recalling that the police had previously declared Primeboy wanted due to his failure to respond to police invitations since the commencement of the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death. Furthermore, a reward of N1 million had been offered for anyone who could provide information leading to his whereabouts.

In response to these developments, Primeboy, during the interview, clarified that he had never received an official message from the Police to the extent that he would refuse to honor their invitation.

He further explained that he had the intention to turn himself in to the Police due to the accusations circulating that he was responsible for Mohbad’s death. However, he had been advised to wait for the police to contact him. It was only later that people began calling him, informing him that he had been declared wanted, which left him in a state of shock.

Regarding his relationship with Mohbad, Primeboy revealed that Mohbad was his childhood friend, emphasizing that they had once lived together and were cared for by his own mother. He highlighted the closeness of their bond by explaining that he had played the roles of both a stepmother and a father figure for the late Mohbad.

Expanding on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s passing, Primeboy clarified that he was not with Mohbad on the day of his unfortunate demise.

Primeboy recounted that the last time he saw Mohbad was on Sunday, September 10th, 2023, during the singer’s performance in Ikorodu.

He mentioned that on that particular Sunday, he had been inside the car with Mohbad and his wife, Omowunmi. During the car ride, he observed a heated argument between Mohbad and his wife, which appeared to be a family dispute. This dispute escalated to the point where he was asked to leave the car, leaving Mohbad and his wife together.

He emphasized his desire for justice for Mohbad and, by extension, addressed Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi, for making public statements online that implicated him in the singer’s death, effectively labeling her as a prime suspect.

It’s worth noting that prominent activist VeryDarkBlackMan had previously suggested that Mohbad’s wife was a more significant suspect than Naira Marley and Sam Larry. He raised questions about her involvement, as she was at home when a nurse visited to treat the late singer the day before his passing.

You can watch Primeboy’s statements in the video provided for more insight into his perspective on the matter.

Here are some reactions from social media users:

  • mrkayo_entz: “Wow … MohBad’s wife is a big suspect.”
  • daniel_doublez: “Nigeria police. It’s high time y’all invite his wife for questioning, and that DNA test is really needed at this point.”
  • ucflamez: “Once we mention that the wife should be questioned, y’all shout that it’s a no-go area. Let’s just play in this country. Also, why haven’t the bullies been declared wanted as they did with this guy? Well, let’s keep watching.”
  • figer_walata: “Why can’t the police access MohBad’s call recordings for the last two months before his death? I don’t understand why, in this day and age, Nigerian Police still act like we’re in 1909.”
  • ejor_west’: “Who will believe this stuff you’re talking about? How can the Nigerian police declare you wanted without inviting you first? You don’t know how to lie.”
  • itzloladiamond_: “The way he keeps mentioning MohBad’s wife, and they keep cutting him 🤦🤦🤦, they didn’t allow him to talk about the argument in the car…😡😡.”

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