“Mohbad’s de@th came from his household, he was exploited to get fame”- Prophet Oba Ewulomi

Written by fazazy39

A viral video features Prophet Oba Ewulomi making a startling claim, suggesting that the individuals responsible for the late singer Mohbad’s demise are connected to his family. In this revelation, the prophet implies that Mohbad may have been spiritually manipulated to attain fame.

Oba Ewulomi goes on to disclose that Nigerians should initially investigate Mohbad’s father, his close associates, as well as the nurse who administered injections to him. A portion of his statement reads, “The individual behind Mohbad’s demise is someone within his own family. He was spiritually utilized for a fame-seeking ritual. Those to be questioned should include his father, close friends, the nurse responsible for his injections, and an insider who is a staff member of the hospital where the injections were administered.”

“It is so obvious that Mohbad was klled”- Amuda Eko.

Amuda Eko has taken to social media to express profound concerns regarding the untimely passing of the late singer Mohbad.

In a heartfelt message, Eko raises questions about the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death and suggests that foul play might be involved.

In his social media post, Amuda Eko states, “It is painfully evident that Mohbad was met with foul play. It is unjust. What is the benefit in this? What wrong had he done to deserve such cruelty? May the same fate not befall your own children.”

He captions his video with, “God, please assist Imole in attaining justice until the end. God, please. I’m overwhelmed with sadness right now. This is our only plea to you: grant him justice until the end. #justiceformohbad.”

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