“No Be Until When I Die, You Go Come Show Me Love,Help Me Now”- Bimbo Akinsanya urges us to celebrate people before it’s too late, reacting to Busola Oke’s new song collaboration with Segun Johnson.”

Written by fazazy39

Prominent Nigerian actress Bimbo Akinsanya reacts to gospel singer Busola Oke’s collaboration with renowned juju singer Segun Johnson.

Busola Oke excitedly shared this news with her fans and followers on social media, posting a video from their studio session as they worked on the music. She captioned the video with, “Segun Johnson on this Cruise with me #asoromatasereemix.”

In response to Busola Oke’s post, Bimbo Akinsanya emphasized the importance of celebrating loved ones while they are alive and not waiting for Rest in Peace (RIP) moments. She urged her followers to help spread the word and listen to the new song released by her colleague Busola Oke in collaboration with Segun Johnson.

Bimbo Akinsanya posted a heartfelt message along with a clip, saying, “DON’T WAIT FOR RIP BEFORE YOU CELEBRATE PEOPLE. CELEBRATE YOUR FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES & FAMILY AS YOU CELEBRATE THE DEAD. Se ti gbo? Let us repost for @busola_oke she needs us now & don’t forget to download & play the remix of ASOROMATASE 🥰🥰.”

The actress’s message encourages a culture of appreciation and recognition for people while they are alive. She also shared a previous post where she praised MC Oluomo for his kindness and support, underscoring the importance of celebrating those who positively impact our lives.

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