Catch Those Who Brought Him, The brought him dead – Hospital management finally speaks following Mohbad’s demise (see details)

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Perez Medcare Hospital’s management has at last addressed the online rumors surrounding the demise of the late singer Mohbad.

In an official statement issued by Perez Medcare Hospital, the management clarifies that Mohbad was brought to the hospital as lifeless.

The statement reads: “The management of Perez Medcare Hospital is aware of the misleading and inaccurate information circulating on certain social media platforms regarding the passing of Mr. IleriOluwa Oladimeji Aloba (known as Mohbad) at our medical facility.”

We find it essential to officially document that on the 12th of September 2023, at approximately 04:30 pm, the lifeless body of Mr. IleriOluwa Oladimeji Aloba, famously known as Mohbad, was brought to our medical facility. Our medical team promptly initiated assessment procedures, revealing the absence of vital signs: no central or peripheral pulse, no heartbeat, and fixed and dilated pupils. During an attempted CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), rigor mortis was observed, leading us to classify the case as “Brought in dead” (BID).

Upon inquiring about the circumstances leading to this emergency, we were informed that the deceased had been receiving home treatment from a nurse who administered injections. Consequently, our team advised that the body be transported to the nearest Government Hospital for morgue deposition.

It is crucial to clarify that Mr. IleriOluwa Oladimeji Aloba (AKA Mohbad) was never a patient at Perez Medcare Hospital and was never admitted to our facility at any point. Furthermore, the nurse responsible for his home treatment is not affiliated with our hospital. The circulating video in the media showing Mr. IleriOluwa Oladimeji Aloba (AKA Mohbad) receiving treatment while alive is not associated with Perez Medcare Hospital.

We are compelled to release this statement to rectify the misinformation surrounding Perez Medcare Hospital. We implore everyone to abstain from disseminating false information and to consider the sensitivity of this matter. While extending our condolences to Mr. IleriOluwa Oladimeji Aloba’s family and friends, we join the call for a thorough investigation into the circumstances of his untimely passing.

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