“How Can You Frustr@te Someone Till His D€@th?”– Femi Adebayo’s Wife Aduke Adebayo Says As She Cancels Her Birthday Celebration Today To Mourn Mohbad’s D€@th

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Aduke Adebayo appears to be channeling her frustration and anger towards Naira Marley concerning Mohbad’s passing. It’s a common practice for individuals to use social media as an outlet for their emotions and grievances during challenging times.

There are growing concerns and outrage among Nigerians surrounding the circumstances leading to Mohbad’s tragic demise, including allegations of mistreatment by Naira Marley and his associates. This has ignited a public outcry and initiated discussions about the treatment of artists within the industry.

Aduke Adebayo, the wife of actor Femi Adebayo Salami, has taken to her official Instagram account to voice her strong discontent. It appears that she may have criticized Naira Marley and his associates for their alleged role in the events leading to the tragic death of Mohbad.

In her Instagram post, she expressed, “Omg!! The videos are heart-wrenching! The suffering you endured, @iammohbad, the continuous humiliation and relentless bullying. Ah! @Nairamarley ‼️ Who raised you??? How could you and your group do this!!!!”

She questioned, “How can you subject another person to such misery until their death? How???”

See Her Post Below:

Here are some social reactions:

Glitzandgliter: “We had to respect your wish, my love. I know how you feel about things like this. God is on the throne, and Justice will be served!!! Happy Birthday Adiuke mi 😘”

Bisiisflavour: “Honestly, it’s really sad. Why are we just seeing all those VIDEOS now 😢 Why are we just getting to know him and all his beautiful SONGS now? Why? Why are people closer to him not paying attention to all the MESSAGES he was conveying in his songs? Did he ever cry out for help? So many questions running in my head 😢 I’ve been crying like I know him personally. I’ve been listening to lots of his songs lately, and the messages he’s trying to convey through those songs are so heartbreaking and touching 😢 My prayers are that May Allah SWA in His mercies forgive his shortcomings and grant him eternal rest. Ameen thumma ameen.”

Biganty4real: “In fact, it’s so painful and very disturbing. His death and the way he was hurriedly buried are so alarming! What if he wakes up… 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔”

Omotayo_rukaya: “Too sad. His spirit is just wandering around 💔💔💔💔 Happy birthday to you.”

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