“Pls Forgive Me If I Have Offended You Before” Eniola Badmus says as she marks birthday with double celebration

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus eagerly welcomes her D-Day, and the excitement is palpable.

The voluptuous movie star, who has been delighting her followers with pre-birthday photos in recent days, has now shared even more stunning images to celebrate her special day.

Eniola Badmus acknowledges that she might be considered “extra,” but she wholeheartedly enjoys every aspect of her birthday photoshoot.

She declares this year as a promising one for her and reveals that she’s marking her birthday with a double celebration, although she keeps the reason for this second celebration under wraps.

“It’s perfectly fine to label me as ‘extra,’ but I cherish every moment of this photoshoot. It’s a promising year for me, and I’m celebrating with a double dose of joy,” Eniola Badmus expresses.

Eniola Badmus splashes millions on Benz Gle 450 as birthday gift

As a birthday present to herself, the entrepreneur decided to treat herself to a luxurious car.

The movie star proudly displayed pictures of her brand-new Benz Gle 450 on her social media platform. She went on to explain that the funds for this extravagant purchase were not acquired all at once but through her diligent efforts and hard work.

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