“The Real Backup Behind JAGUN JAGUN”- Surprised reactions flood in as Femi Adebayo unveils the female editor behind the “Jagun Jagun” movie.

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actor and filmmaker Femi Adebayo has ignited a wave of reactions by introducing the talented Dolapo Adigun, who played a pivotal role in editing his latest movie, “Jagun Jagun.”

In a heartwarming Instagram post, Femi Adebayo shared a brief video featuring the gifted movie editor, Dolapo Adigun. In his caption, he wrote, “Dolapo Adigun @the_dolapo is my WCW! She was the main Editor and Head Post-Production Supervisor for Jagun Jagun!

As a dedicated member of the Anthill studios @_anthillstudios team, Dolapo remained committed to the project from beginning to end. She executed her role flawlessly, exceeding all expectations.

It was truly inspiring to witness her at her workstation, taking on tasks that are typically associated with men and showcasing her expertise every step of the way!

She serves as an inspiration to every woman aspiring to venture into the technical aspects of filmmaking. There are no limits! Go for it!”

This revelation sparked a flood of heartfelt and appreciative reactions from fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry, who filled the comments section with praise and admiration for Dolapo’s work. Some of the touching responses included:

“Really??? It’s a lady?? AWWN I feel so proud on her behalf right now. It was an amazing job done. ❤️❤️❤️”
“An episode of Things I enjoy seeing 😍”
“God almighty bless you mama ❤️”
“Beauty and brains”
“I was discussing Jagun Jagun with my husband recently, and he said Editing brought life to the story. He was like I wish to know the brains behind the editing. Seeing a woman as the Main editor really puts a smile on my face. Thank you, Uncle Femi, and the entire crew.”
“Dolapo was my secondary school mate, and I can say from our St. Louis days that she was one of the best brilliant students @the_dolapo kudos, baby.”
“She is the real Jagun Jagun”

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