Bimbo Ademoye shares a touching memory that continues to resonate in her heart: Toyin Abraham’s unforgettable act of kindness during her challenging times.

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Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye has shared a heartfelt story about the remarkable gesture made by her senior colleague, Toyin Abraham, during a challenging period in her life.

Bimbo Ademoye expressed her gratitude on her Instagram page, sending belated birthday wishes to Toyin Abraham, who had turned 43 on Tuesday. She recalled how Toyin reached out to her when she lost a video on YouTube. Toyin not only called to check on her but also used her platform to appeal to her millions of fans to watch Bimbo’s new upload.

For Bimbo, this act of kindness is etched deeply in her heart, and it will forever remain unforgettable.

She wrote, “I remember when I lost my video on YouTube, you put a call through to ensure I was ok. Took it upon yourself to post on your page to plead with people to watch the new upload. That act still lingers in my heart. I’m forever grateful… happy birthday ma.”

Toyin Abraham responded with appreciation, acknowledging Bimbo’s consistent support, saying, “Bimbo Omo Ola. What about the way you support me too. Thank you so much, my love. Irawo e koni womi o” (Your star will never dim in my

Bimbo Ademoye was overcome with emotions as she faced a movie-related setback.

As previously reported by Kemi Filani, Bimbo Ademoye recently experienced a breakdown on Instagram. She explained that while attempting to upload the next installment of her beloved comedy series, “Sibe,” she inadvertently deleted the previous episode, which had garnered over 400k views.

Bimbo, feeling drained and frustrated by this unfortunate mishap, attributed it to exhaustion but made it clear that she wasn’t seeking sympathy. She also highlighted the resilience in her character, vowing to outwork the challenges posed by such setbacks and the influence of negative forces.

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