“I was instructed to sleep on graveyard” – A Nigerian lady cries out for help as she reveals how ‘kayamata’ finish her life (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian woman engaged in the ‘Hook up’ industry has recounted her harrowing encounter with the well-known women’s charm, ‘Kayamata.’

Kayamata, a mixture of herbs and roots with its origins in Northern Nigeria, has traditionally been associated with enhancing love and intimacy. However, its misuse has become a rising concern.

The term ‘Kayamata’ directly translates to ‘Women’s Things’ in Hausa. While the initial purpose of these herbs was to fortify marital relationships, their misapplication has given rise to extreme rituals and, in certain instances, unforeseen dangers.

In a viral video, the young lady revealed that she resorted to a mystical remedy when her ‘hook up’ business encountered difficulties. She explained that, following advice from a friend, she was introduced to a mysterious woman who gave her a powder to apply on her face.

Initially, her business prospered, but soon she experienced alarming symptoms like bleeding and vomiting blood. Distressed, she returned to the traditional practitioner who suggested a solution involving sleeping in graveyards.

Desperate for assistance and raising her voice on various online platforms, she has become part of a growing collective urging caution against the improper use of ‘Kayamata.’

The young lady’s story sparked significant reactions from social media users who shared their thoughts. Here are some of the responses:

@michaelz_edwardz commented, “Before you judge her and dismiss her, listen. There are many individuals in her situation, spiritually manipulated, including men who are living like walking corpses. While I don’t endorse immoral lifestyles, my heart goes out to all those who, out of financial desperation, found themselves in situations like this. I pray that you find peace in Christ Jesus. Our beloved country has all the resources it needs but lacks so much. If the government had acted responsibly, prioritizing the welfare of its citizens, women wouldn’t be considering these means of making money. When will Nigeria be free? When will Nigerians awaken? When will evil cease? Ritual killings, human trafficking, unknown gunmen, kidnappings, church bombings, missing persons, sexual harassment, street thuggery, pickpocketing, fraud, gay parties, elderly leaders in power, election manipulation, bribery, oil theft, building collapses, insurgency, poor internet connectivity, unauthorized bank debits, soaring food prices, and growing atheism – all in one country, and the list continues 😢.”

@osagiator_ewean_gabriel stated, “The devil doesn’t give anything for free, and the Bible talks about the three agendas of the devil: to steal, kill, and destroy.”

@investor__flex commented humorously, “Let’s see their faces so we can believe. Nowadays, you can’t be sure if anything is genuine or just content creation.”

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