“Why I am happy over my crashed marriage” Bolanle Ninalowo spills out as he reacts to old video circulating online

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Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo has responded to an old video where he admitted to his past mistakes in his marriage, shortly after announcing his divorce. His separation from his wife, and mother of his two children, for the second time is no longer a secret.

After the news broke, an old video resurfaced in which he acknowledged his past infidelity and the lifestyle choices that strained his marriage before their initial reconciliation.

Bolanle criticized bloggers for exploiting his divorce for attention, labeling them as hypocrites. He asserted that he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for his life choices and highlighted that a conqueror doesn’t need to explain themselves.

What surprised many was Bolanle’s statement that he is celebrating the news of his failed marriage while others express concern. He extended his prayers for the same divine assistance he received to be with others.

“A conqueror doesn’t speak! I owe no one an explanation for my life decisions!! Bloggers are simply hypocrites seeking attention!! Any interviews circulating about me are from 6 years ago, which was before I reconciled the marriage that has now come to an end. I’m the one celebrating, while others worry. May the God who helped me also help them.”

Bolanle Ninalowo announces separation from wife

During the previous weekend, Bolanle Ninalowo left many astonished with his announcement of his separation from his wife.

In an extensive Instagram post, the movie actor openly acknowledged that he has come to terms with the undeniable conclusion.

He expressed the sadness of this reality for his beloved and adorable children while highlighting its necessity for a future marked by peace and love.

Bolanle also mentioned how he had fervently prayed, nurtured, and worked tirelessly to avoid such a situation for the sake of everyone involved. However, he now recognizes that his children have grown significantly, possessing a better understanding and awareness of his struggles and pain concerning them.

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