“I Almost Kill Myself Because Of Love – Lagos socialite who almost ended it all on 3rd mainland bridge breaks silence (Video)

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Lagos socialite Farida Abdulkadir, also recognized as House of Phreedah, has spoken out after her recent suicide attempt on the 3rd mainland bridge.

On August 18, 2023, the mother of three caught the attention of online discussions as she nearly took her own life. Passersby intervened and prevented the tragic incident, rescuing her from the brink of suicide.

In June 2023, the renowned Fuji Maestro, K1 De Ultimate, delivered a remarkable performance at the wedding of House of Phreedah, which became the talk of the town due to its grandeur.

However, fast forward to this August, House of Phreedah’s husband, Damola, has abruptly ended their relationship in favor of a side-chick, merely two months after their lavish N100M wedding. Damola has reconciled with his former side-chick, Yemisi Fasawe.

Reports from Gistlover indicate that Damola left their marital home while hurling insults at his wife, stating that she looks like an elderly woman, which he claimed affected their intimacy.

In response, House of Phreedah released an anonymous video confessing that she contemplated suicide due to the pain of lost love.

She admitted to being deeply in love with her ex-husband Damola, who had promised a lifelong partnership during their extravagant wedding, only to abandon her unexpectedly.

House of Phreedah pleads with her supporters to pardon her for contemplating suicide, acknowledging that her judgment was clouded by deceptive affections. She reveals that she has since managed to overcome the ordeal and has entrusted the matter involving her ex-husband Damola to divine intervention.

Listen to her message below:

Check out the reactions below:

  • jeffryprettypretty: Choosing love over your children? Some women really need to improve their decisions.
  • adeoluolatomide: I can’t entirely blame her. Love for the wrong person can drive anyone to unexpected actions. May God grant her peace. Amen.
  • maysdessertsng: Even though it might seem endless now, the pain will eventually fade away. You have children who depend on you; hold on for their sake. Things will improve.
  • elesteven: Always prioritize self-love, no matter what. Love is wonderful, but loving the wrong person can have severe consequences.
  • officialconsy: Just by looking at the man’s expression, you can tell he had ulterior motives 😉. It’s clear he never truly loved her. Ladies, whether you’re single moms or not, take your time when choosing a partner… Date until you feel comfortable and at peace with the person. Don’t rush into marriage. I hope this woman finds the peace she deserves. May God heal her from her pain and suffering.
  • kiddiesspotlight: If you’re going to love, make sure you love yourself more. Don’t sacrifice yourself for any man. You’ll be the one to suffer. Please, stay alive for the sake of your children.

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