“I Think They Want To Reap Me Before”- Cute Abiola Celebrates in Style as He Finally Receives His Gratuity from Nigerian Navy.

Written by fazazy39

Cute Abiola, a well-known Nigerian comedian, couldn’t contain his happiness as he announced to his followers that he had finally received his gratuity from the Nigerian Navy.

The comedian had recently completed his contract with the Navy, and this news marked a significant milestone in his life.

Using his Instagram account, which boasts a substantial following, Cute Abiola shared a video that perfectly captured his exuberance. In the video, he is seen dancing energetically on a nighttime road.

The carefree movements and the genuine joy on his face clearly conveyed his excitement about the recent development.

Accompanying the video was a caption that humorously captured his feelings at the moment. He wrote,

“NAVY DON PAY MY RETIREMENT MONEY 😁😁 my body dey sweet me like this.” Through this caption, he playfully expressed how thrilled he was about finally receiving his retirement funds from the Navy.

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