“ Either GB or BP One Must Rise” – ND1 students were visibly in tears as they rolled on the floor upon seeing their 1st semester results (Watch).

Written by fazazy39

A video circulating online captures the emotional reactions of some National Diploma first year (ND1) students after checking their first semester examination results.

These science laboratory technology (SLT) students from Oghara Polytechnic in Delta State had completed their examinations for the first half of the year, but unfortunately, many of them were left devastated upon seeing their results.

The clip shows some ND1 students in tears, visibly pained by their disappointing performance, and rolling on the floor in distress.

The video resonated with netizens who shared their own experiences from various institutions, prompting an outpouring of thoughts and comments in the section.

Watch the video below:


Slt ND1 first semester result😂😂😂😂#despotv #oghara #djs #djykmule

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Check out the comments below:

Lynnflawed24 said, “Instead of studying, they carried ring lights up and down.”

Zannie🖤 said, “@___Dãmmÿ🌸🍫 💔💔😂😂 If the grades don’t give them high blood pressure, what will? 😂💔.”

faithtolulope said, “Whether it’s grades (gp) or blood pressure (BP), one of them will rise 😂😂.”

Yeni said, “😂😂 My first-semester result at Eksu that year had 7 carryovers out of 9 courses 😂😂.. They later advised me to withdraw because carryovers were about to finish me. 😂😂”

2023 Michigan State University Graduate Research Assistant Ahm_gift said, “My first-semester results in 100 level were very bad, but I worked hard and didn’t give up because if your CGPA is low, you won’t enter year 2.”

Ahm_gift said, “Don’t give up, carrying over courses is normal, especially when you don’t have money to sort your courses.”

Itzchibest🌹🌹🌹 said, “I understand their feelings, we’ve been there before 😂😂.”

༄༆Da BIG P ♥︎🝮 🫶🏻💙 said, “That first girl is me 😂😂😂😂😂 I want to faint, please.”

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