“Haa Inside The Church Of God”-A curvy female pastor creates a stir as she shakes her waist at the altar, urging people to respect the house of God (Video).

Written by fazazy39

A video of a female pastor showcasing her dance moves at the church has caused a buzz on the internet.

In the video, the pastor energetically shook her waist at the altar while the church service was ongoing.

The video sparked controversy, with many netizens criticizing the pastor for her dance moves. Some accused her of being inappropriate and not respecting the sanctity of the church.

On the other hand, there were defenders of Apostle Beauty, stating that dancing in church is acceptable as long as it is done respectfully and in accordance with the teachings of the Bible.

Watch the video and see some reactions below:

Here are some of the reactions:

@ujujan1234: “For church, God have mercy oooo.”

@michealdaniel240: “I love you. Are you married, please? Because my spirit is telling me that you are my wife oo.”

@user111660: “Na wa o, there is nothing we won’t see in churches nowadays.”

@Abigail_eyo: “But this is Akwa Ibom dance. The Bible said, ‘And David danced,’ but did not specify the type of dance, as long as you are dancing to the glory of God.”

2023 Michigan State University Graduate Research Assistant @Makris3518: “You’re only deceiving yourself, not me. Don’t talk about God.”

@Madam Ndupet: “Are you looking for a husband?”

@Sir Willy0200: “The world is becoming churchy, and the church is becoming worldly, hmmm.”

@AMG: “I hope she is married.”

@arcandersonjb: “The way people dance in church and clubhouses, no difference.”

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