“They Must Feel That M0ney”-Besties l00t h0tel items after l0dging for N300K, video stirs uproar

Written by fazazy39

Two best friends have stirred controversy by sharing a video of themselves allegedly stealing various items from their hotel room, despite reportedly paying a lodge fee of N300K.

The pretty ladies revealed how they spent their time in a hotel where they were reportedly charged hundreds of thousands of naira.

After their allotted time was about to elapse they decided to loot the hotel of various items.

The video that was shared online shows one of the ladies stealing various items such as tissues, mugs, tumblers, beverages etc.

Check out reactions below …

@ViktorEdeh reacted: “How do you pay 300k from your purse and steal stuff less than 10k if you’re not a kleptomaniac?”

@jimiroye1 said: “Wen u give underprivileged kids the chance to see other life”

 penned: “After you do the video finish, return everything back to where you took it from. Except this is not Lagos, lagos hoteliers will do a routine check before allowing you leave.”

@floraD_explorer stated: “I was waiting for her to carry the Jacuzzi and the TV.
she disappointed me”

@UjunwaEzendiok1 opined: “They lodged for where, girls that went to service pre.ek.
Who get money to lodge for 300k go dey carry towel?”

@EbereAmani wrote: “All wetin dey Carry will not be up to 50k. But it poverty mentality. I doubt if they were the ones that truly paid for the room. Check am now.”

@taureen_x remarked: “I’m sure when the guy left the babe called her friend to come check out a room they paid 300k for which resulted in this video
Cuz why tiff Milo, Tissue and Co 😂😂”

Watch video below …

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