Lady dumps plan of becoming a reverend sister, marries the love of her life

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A woman gives up her aspiration to become a nun when she marries her beloved after falling in love.

She posted a photo of herself from her earlier days in the convent, reflecting on the time when she pursued the path of becoming a reverend sister.

However, she had left the convent with no intention of return back as she gets married with her Anambra heartthrob after falling in love with him.

She shared a photo from her days as a reverend sister, and was seen posing alongside her colleagues who were all equally clothed in their nun outfits.

Sharing the video, she captioned …

The plan was to become a reverend sister but there is this Anambra guy..”

Check out reactions that followed …

obinna said: “u get mind serve G. breakfast 😅😅 from Asa chukwu to Asa odogwu”

Mhizvivian remarked: “God called you , anambra guy call you back. Congratulations babe💯”

Pas-cal commented: “asa chukwu to asa odogwu 😉
God will bless your new home”

preshmaya said: “nah the same thing with my mama😂😂😂 nah she don get 3 warriors for house say nah children 😂”

Uzoo Obi Abiola🇦🇹🇳🇬 penned: “My dear Alma mater Charles Herrey memorial Juniorate Urualla . Madam Posu u sha disappointed us😂. But I was guilty also.”

Watch video below …

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