Nigeria Man Got M!ssing 2 Months After Arriving In US With His Oyinbo Woman

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Nigerian man Michael Ilesanmi, who recently moved to America with his wife Angel Deem, has been reported missing eight weeks after their arrival.

The 90 Day Fiancé star allegedly disappeared without his passport, phone, or any belongings, prompting authorities to treat his case as a missing person incident. Angel Deem mentioned she left him at home while she went out to purchase food and cigarettes but couldn’t locate him upon her return.

90 Day Fiancé’s Michael Ilesanmi has been declared missing two months after he migrated to the United States with his wife.

The development regarding Michael Ilesanmi’s disappearance was confirmed by 90 Day Fiancé in a post on Instagram, accompanied by a picture of Michael and his wife, Angel Deem.

The page further revealed that Michael’s phone, passport, and belongings had all been left behind.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Michael and Angel had been together for several years before he eventually relocated to the US in December.

$10,000 reward for Michael’s return

The Jasmine Brand further reported that a $10,000 (over N15.7 million) reward has been issued for his return, adding that all efforts made by Angel to contact his family in Nigeria proved abortive.

“Michael’s been missing since the 23rd. The police are involved, we can’t find him,” Angela said in a IG Live.

“Michael left everything here. I know that there’s people probably think, ‘Oh, maybe he just left.’ But like, nothing, not any ID, nothing to show his name on it, no clothing, not a toothbrush. Zero point zero zero. No wallet, nothing. Clothes on his back is what he left with on Friday,” 58-year-old Angel added.

Netizens react to Michael Ilesanmi’s story

n1qua said:

“He contacted the police and told them he wasn’t missing, and that he was in fear of his life and to not tell her. According to a live her friend did on YT. Welcome y’all!”

thom_kruze said:

“1 of 2 things….he either ghosted her or she turned him into a ghost! Ijs.”

myesha_daniels_1 said:

“I hope she didn’t hurt that man, she was madeeee aggressive with him, especially drunk. She actually been aggressive with alotttt of people on that show.”

macmade69 said:

“Found… he called Georgia police from a burner phone said he feared for his life thats why he was hiding from Angela … well that must be the new story line for next season.”

noel_ee_ said:

“Angel you better pray he is okay before u start seeing a tail growing on your forehead !!! dem ancestors abt to get you !!”

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