“Unbelievable talent” – Young boy stuns many as he builds hotel and mansion prototypes from cardboard

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A talented young boy named Met Maquette has garnered widespread attention by building a mansion and hotel entirely from cardboard boxes.

The young artist have showcased his impressive talent through a series of captivating visuals on his Instagram account, where he goes by the username @MetMaquette.

Met Maquette didn’t just build in one place; he showed off two unique structures in different spots.

One of his masterpieces stands proudly on the sandy shores of a beach, while the other is showcased in a picturesque location.

The young artist not only constructed these structures but also thoroughly documented the entire process.

Accompanying one of the videos featuring the cardboard villa, Met Maquette wrote;

“Villa model made of carton.”

Another video showcases the intricate layout of the cardboard hotel, with the caption reading, “Hotel layout made out of carton.”


Netizens Reactions…

Madusu_fashion_abaya_model commented; “Well done, lovely brother ❤️❤️.”

Obiba_adepa said; “Great work, dear.”

OdisaMayo commented; “You are God-gifted. Keep it up.”

GikpaLowi posted; “I love this. Wooooooow.”

JazzyChacha commented; “Wow. God has blessed you with talent. Praise him every day.”

Bossgirl_khiz posted; “You’re good.”

Yvedacadet reacted; “Wowwwwww.”

Prosper4605 said; “Beautiful ❤️.”

Cassialuciana93 commented; “Beautiful congratulations.”

Hayzeleyzz_forever added; “So nice.”

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