“I will never be poor” – Rich kid steals show as he makes money rain on classmate’s 10th birthday (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A wealthy young child who generously showered his friend with cash on her tenth birthday has become an online sensation.

In a video making the rounds online, the young boy decided to make it grand for his classmate, doing what other boys could not do.

The birthday party which took place at an open serene garden featured the boy, dressed in an elegant brown top and trouser with a matching white laced shoe, as she sprayed wads of cash at the event.

In the video, the boy stood out as he generously sprayed bundle of N200 notes on his classmate, who was attired in a plain red shirt and black trousers, placing them at the forefront of the scene.

Once the bundle of cash was depleted, the child proceeded to also shower the DJ, who was providing music for the event, with money.

Watch by clicking the link below:

The video triggered massive reactions as netizens shared their controversial thoughts.

Some reactions are shown below:

sazzyBlaze said, “poor people go say they are spoiling the child🤣”.

tinubu.ex said, “all the class mate way i just get that year na cultism them carry fight for head😂😅”.

big said, “there are two types of parents one teaches you how to count money one teaches you how to spray money…..
which one are you”.

Yaa Mallam said, “Make them gather this money for Davido abeg🥺”.

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