“True Love Dey Ooo, I no get money but my woman dey manage with me” – Man shows off girlfriend in uncompleted building (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian man has expressed gratitude to his girlfriend for standing by him and choosing to live with him in an uncompleted building despite facing financial challenges.

A video circulating on social media showed the state of living of a couple who resides in a building undergoing construction.

The man explained that his current living conditions stem from financial constraints, yet despite this, his girlfriend chose to stay by his side.

Displaying his supportive partner, who wore a wrapper around her waist, he highlighted her unwavering support.

The video sparked diverse reactions on social media, with some applauding the couple’s resilience and others expressing criticism.

Some reactions are shown below:

___chinnel said, “Una sure say the guy na her loml? Or the guy k.idnap am come marry her as them no gree pay ransom?”

ekkies_empire said, “Wen u have money…. Na den u go know say she is not in ur level😢😢.”

aprilszn_ said, “Na you Dey find Pablo with a touch of Ned, man full everywhere Precious😂”.

mhiz_tolarney said, “The house wey be say if he finish am now,nah 2nd wife straight…MEN🙌🙌🙌.”

chomzyfashion said, “They say love is blind God when it’s my turn to love no let me blind Abeg😭.”

Watch the video below:

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