“Please Wish Me A Safe Deelivery” — 14 Years-Old Girl Says As She Poses With Her 12 Years-Old Lover Online(Photos)

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A 12-year-old pregnant girl from South Africa shared pictures on social media with the father of her child, raising serious concerns about issues related to consent, child protection, and well-being. In such situations, it’s important to prioritize the safety and rights of the individuals involved by reporting to local authorities, child protection organizations, or support services.

A few days ago, this teenage mother from South Africa made news when she disclosed her pregnancy at such a young age.

Many people were curious when she posted pictures of her big tummy on social media with the message, “pregnant and proud.”

The teenage girl who is pregnant seemed to be extremely proud, based on her prior caption for the first photo.

She recently posted new pictures of herself in a lovely stance with her baby daddy.

A 14-year-old kid who lives in their neighborhood is reportedly the baby daddy of the 12-year-old South African girl who is pregnant.

In other news, congrats! A baby girl is born to a female soldier who was detained for accepting a corporal’s marriage proposal (photos).

Recall the female soldier who was arrested by the military for agreeing to a partner’s proposition while attending NYSC orientation camp.

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