“It’s So Emotional”– Actress Biola Adebayo Move To Tear As Olaide Ayodeji Share Her Truly Life Story.

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Nollywood actress Olaide Ayodeji has brought tears to many of her fans as she shares her heartfelt life story.

Olaide was moved to tear while speaks about how he spend millions of naira on her daughter who eventually lost his life after several C’s have been done for her.

She revealed how her 2years old baby look like a one month old baby.

See social media reaction below;

Bakarezhainab wrote: Adunni I was so scared of you going on this interview, I knew it would be an emotional one 😢 Well done queen 👸 ❤️ you eventually shared this part, thank you for staying strong 💪 My strong woman 😍😍😍😍

Beauty_by_icon wrote: I burst in tears before she did😭 I can’t even imagine a mother seeing her child going through all this 😫

Aolat_ayonimofe1 wrote: Talking about bully, sweetheart u did same to me even when I only met u once on set & i stil av d screenshot since 2018, I’m sure u hav no idea how u hurt my Emotions Laide. But life goes on.

Softnsleek____02 wrote: Thissssssss is why I don’t judge people especially abebelube people. Those folks are frigging strong. They only hide their tears and weaknesses behind the fronting. They go through the most and handle it like it’s nothing cos they don’t do it for anybody’s validation 😢❤️

Virgoscott wrote: Nobody prepares you for the pain of losing a child , even if it’s just a day old baby the pain is out of this world … To every mom that has ever lost a child May God comfort you🙏

Yinkafadeiye wrote: I cry also because am going through alot I am breathing because of my son if not I for don drink something leave this life but he said a statement tonight to his daddy that his breathing because his mom is still breathing 8 years old boy

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