“I use to sleeep with my father’s deæd body everyday” actress Adetoun reveals

Written by fazazy39

In a revealing interview with renowned host Chude Jideonwo, Nollywood actress Adetoun shares a surprising revelation about her father, adding an element of intrigue for the audience.

She expressed that following her father’s death, she had resorted to sleeping with him in the same room. She revealed that she had been the one taking care of his dead body in the days leading to his burial. Reacting to this, host Chude Jideonwo expressed his shock at the experience.

Recall that Back in August of 2023, Kanayo O Kanayo had spoken out about his night sacrifices in movies and his ritualistic roles. In a clip which was captured during his chat with Chude, he disclosed that in real life he was not involved in any sacrifice and was actually extremely spiritual. However, the veteran actor went on to reveal that as long as people call him for roles that involve ritualism and as long as they pay him good money for it, he will keep on doing it.

Also recall that back in November of 2022, Kemi Afolabi, Nollywood actress had expressed her fear as she returned to Nigeria following her medical trip in the US. In an interview with Chude, the actress revealed that she had been diagnosed with autoimmune disease, lupus.

She also went on to sadly disclose that she had been given five years to live by her doctor. Following the news of her sad ailment, her colleagues in the industry have rallied around seeking for medical support to fund her medical bills.

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