“If you have complete legs, you won’t understand my pain” – Lady breaks down in tears over inability to afford N3.5M prosthetic leg

Written by fazazy39

A young Nigerian lady expresses deep emotions as she grapples with the financial challenge of affording her dream prosthetic leg, which comes with a substantial cost of N3.5 million.

In a video sparking widespread reactions, a lady emotionally reflects on the staggering cost of an artificial leg, prompting a wave of empathy and response from viewers.

Expressing her heartfelt desire, the lady reveals that acquiring a prosthetic leg has long been her dream, aiming for improved mobility and comfort compared to the challenges posed by crutches.

She emphasized how she promised herself to smile all through the year but the shock that hit her after finding out the cost of the leg triggered her emotions.

“I found out today that the artificial leg I have always wanted to get cost N3.5M. If you have your complete leg, you won’t understand my pain. I can’t even move around because I didn’t have leg. I can only walk with crutches and it hurt my armpit. I know I promise not to cry this year but here I found myself again,” she captioned the video.

The post has since generated a wave of reactions from other users who shared her pain and wished they could support in their little way.

Watch the video below …

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