“Life na by packaging l” – Man rocks suit and tie as he hawks kola nuts, causes stir (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian man, known for hawking kola nuts, gained online fame as he appeared on the streets of Abuja, dressed in a suit and tie.

In a video shared on TikTok by @luciabrushes1, the man was seen dressed like a banker as he went about his business. 

Displaying his flair for fashionable attire, the man showcased his passion for dressing stylishly in the viral video.

He was spotted wearing a suit with a tie to match. He was putting on a nice shoe as well as spectacles. 

His hair also attracted attention as it was uniquely gelled and made to look dark and neat.

Watch the video below:

Some online users thought the man’s appearance suggested that the kola he sells might be pricier compared to what other street vendors offer. Some reactions are shown below:

Tundeadekunleashi said, “might be errands boy for baron”.

Fabian👾 said, “Looks like Sydney talker 😭😭😭”.

rosesarered said, “I have so many questions, but first, Is that a wig?😭😂”.

Adaeze said, “Cooperate aboki 😂😅”.

zizi🌈👼 said, “a guy harassed and almost kidnapped me under this bridge 😩😩😭 thank God my bolt drive arrived on time”.

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