“This is madness” – Video of a man grabbing his niqobite wife inside the swimming pool trends online (Watch)

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A Nigerian man and his niqobite wife have started receiving heavy backlash online following a video of them trending online.

In the viral video, the man and his niqobite wife who covered her body from head to toe including her face were seen having fun together inside the swimming pool.

The viral clip shows the man in a position behind his niqobite wife grabbing her from the back as they have fun together in the pool and that was just the beginning.

Swiftly, the man was seen swaying from one side to the other with his niqobite wife as they celebrated their wedding anniversary together in the swimming pool.

However, the video of the man with his niqobite wife has been trailed with mixed reactions, while some berated them for putting Islam outside in a wrong manner, others showered them with love. Some internet users also berated the niqobite mode of dressing to the swimming pool.

See reactions below;

ojimaahmed0147: They are indoor swimming pool if she can’t expose her body or because of shyness

georgemarshall23: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 bro take your wife home and put water in the tub for her😂😂😂😂😂.

sarah_odira: Shebi them sey Christian sisters de wear bikini and e wrong, well… this other religion don show us d way. Now the men can rest. If I hear any man complain ehhhh…. she don cover everywhere, let d swimming begin.

_oyeendaaa_: Ori Awon Eleyi Ti jo buru😂😂😂

pizzle_hair: According to Islam ☪️ Na rubbish Una Dey do 😒 . Shey na by force to swim ?🏊‍♂️ 😂.

ariike_thrift_city: The attendant wey dey that pool dey craze ….in Ogbomoso here, they don’t allow dress like this in the pool .. them go send u back.

scent_by_riam: What is dz fgs😂😂😂.

barbara_liskcarew:  Eti ya Werey 😂.

roche_jewelries: Look at how dirty the pool is look self 😂.

Watch the video below;

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