“I broke up with all my Ex, all the guys I dated want to marry me but I am not ready” – Lolade Okusanya spill (Watch video)

Written by fazazy39

Popular actress Lolade Okusanya revealed in a recent interview with media personality Debbie Shokoya that no man has ever broken up with her. Such personal revelations often spark discussions about relationships and individual experiences.

Lolade further disclosed that she was the one who ended her three past relationships that were on the verge of marriage.

According to her, none of her past partners had ever broken up with her; Instead, she had been the one doing the dumping.

She said that three relationships that she had been in, in the past, had been on the verge of marriage before she ended it because she was too afraid of marriage.

Lolade Okusanya said:

“Nobody has ever broken up with me, I broke up with all my exes. I’m not proud of it.

“The three relationships were all closed to marriage when I broke up with all of them. I was scared of marriage at that time. I have never dated a guy that didn’t want to marry me.”

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