“You will never find happiness” Kiitan Bukola slams trolls who accuse her of staging helpless women for money

Written by fazazy39

Yoruba actress Kiitan Bukola responded to a troll who accused her of staging helpless women for fundraising. She refuted the claim and defended her intentions, showcasing the dynamic interactions and challenges that can unfold on social media platforms.

This happened after Kiitan Bukola shared a post she saw online about netizens trolling a lady who claimed she was raped and left with a baby. According to the lady identified as Nmachukwu Blessing, she has been sourcing for a means of income but was stopped b cause of her baby’s health condition.

Kiitan Bukola shared this information online and solicited for help from her fans and followers to support Blessing and her baby.

“I was going through Instagram as usual so I came across a mean comment from trolls to a lady ,I felt so bad how can someone be this wicked with comments , I had to check this lady’s page, sent her a message and realize she needed that help truly , I have done my part though.’

This move did not sit well with a troll who accused the actress of conniving with Blessing Nmachikwu to defraud her fans.

The allegations did not sit well with the actress who clarified on how she was trying to help the unknown lady, shared the receipt of the money sent to the lady. She however, cursed the troll for accusing her wrongly.

“I staged it and I sent my hard earned money , you will never find happiness henceforth.”

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