Moment soldiers make corpers march with mattresses on their heads for dodging morning parade

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Soldiers at the NYSC camp took disciplinary action against uncooperative corpers who skipped morning parade by having them march with mattresses on their heads in front of their colleagues.

The corpers had reportedly chosen to sleep in their hostels rather than attend the scheduled parade.

Soldiers had caught them and made them carry their mattresses on their heads.

In the video which was shared on TikTok, they were seen marching in front of their colleagues with their mattresses on their head.

See how netizens reacted …

@Omotolany❤️❤️ remarked: “Na where I camp be this o😂😂na under that tree we dey baff😭😭and snake dey there self😂”

@DKG commented: “Emure ekiti 😂 😂 me I dey sleep oo na who know way go sabi 😂😂”

@Shindara🤍 said: “Sheh I go fit serve like this😫”

@Toni Omolade wrote: “🤣🤣🤣 I remember when some ladies where disturbing the hostel at midnight, na all of us chop punishment 🤣, come see curse🤣”

Watch the video …


Ekiti camp this morning , they were sleeping in the hostel why others are in the parade ground, see what happen too them later🥵🥵

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