“I love money, If I laugh, make I bend” – Bride refuses to smile until groom, friends shower her with cash on wedding day

Written by fazazy39

A striking Nigerian bride became a social media sensation for her poised demeanor at the wedding, refraining from smiling until the groom and his friends delighted her with a cascade of cash, marking a joyous celebration.

The widely-appreciated video captured the bride seated serenely on a chair, surrounded by her friends.

The caption accompanying the video indicated that the bride had made up her mind not to smile until she was content with the amount sprayed on her by her husband-to-be and her friends.

The video sparked reactions after being shared on social media.

See some reactions below:

Mimi_Gold: “‎congratulations. if I laugh make I bend.”

harjoke Ade 112: “‎me no fit do this game o.”

dam..zzy: “‎congratulations aunty shayor.”

claretnwauba: “‎if na me I go use laugh scatter everything.”

Akosua Adepa: “‎How many hours if you cry on top of.”

user6127741403070: “‎congratulations dear but if i smile that day change my name.”

viviannjiogu: “‎congratulations dear,u really try me i no fit ooo laugh no go gree me.”

Hannah Agboklu: “‎i can laugh and smile every second but nobody should try this with me because it’s Money we’re talking about here,i will never smile.”


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