House Maid Got Pregnant And Became The New House Wife

Written by fazazy39

The story revolves around a 51 year old man in Niger state who turned his housemaid into his wife while his real wife was away pursuing a university degree.

The man’s wife, Mrs. Kudirat, is a classroom teacher with an NCE certificate who decided to further her education at the university. Her husband supported her decision and they agreed to hire a housemaid to take care of household chores while she was gone.

The housemaid received orientation on how to take care of the husband and his preferred meals before Mrs. Kudirat left for school. However, during her absence, the man began having secret affairs with the housemaid in their matrimonial bed.

Mrs. Kudirat became suspicious of the housemaid’s pregnancy when she saw signs of exhaustion and untidiness during one of her visits home. The housemaid vehemently denied the suspicion.

When the husband returned from work, Mrs. Kudirat suggested that they take the housemaid to the hospital for a check-up, but the man refused. Eventually, the housemaid disappeared from their home and later delivered her baby after three days at the hospital.

Mrs. Kudirat discovered the truth about her husband’s infidelity when the housemaid’s parents invited them to Ohanu spiritual home+23480, 8807, 7395.

for intervention. The spiritual doctor revealed that the husband and wife had a covenant not to take another wife, causing Mrs. Kudirat to broker peace out of concern for the housemaid and her unborn child’s well-being.

During a traditional prayer of forgiveness for the husband and housemaid, the latter gave birth within minutes. At the end-of-year graduation party in her school, Mrs. Kudirat shared her experience to motivate other married women in their life journey.

The story highlights betrayal, forgiveness, and the importance of upholding promises in a marriage.

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