“Daddy Naso Nigeria Looks Like”: Kid in Nigeria for the First Time Confused as He Sees Many People at Airport.

Written by fazazy39

A young boy’s amusing reaction to the crowd at a Nigerian airport during his first visit has captured attention.

The video sparked laughter among many Nigerians, prompting some to offer advice to the mother on preparing the boy for cultural differences.

The amusing video captures the little boy expressing confusion about the crowd at a Nigerian airport during his first visit. With curiosity, he asked if this was how Nigeria always was, and his mother affirmed.

The woman humorously questioned how her son expected the country to look. The TikTok video, posted by @stoner_012, garnered amusing reactions.

Concerned individuals advised the woman to prepare her son for other unusual aspects of the country he might find unfamiliar, offering suggestions about potential cultural differences.

Watch the video below


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People found the boy’s reaction funny :

MummyJael said: “He shock and this gonna be my babies soon they have high expectations! Make una no tell them.”

Daniel said: “The Settings no clear lil bro, no worry you mind go tell Tinubu has approved Xmas Agbado for you boy.”

ANUOLUWAPO OLUTOLA said: “Tell am say them Dey take light anytime and bring am oo. Make he no Dey shout oo.”

yes_I’m_naveen said: “He probably thought people were living on woods and trees in Nigeria.”

MBen said: “Are there not people at the airport he boarded from? Why will people scare him?”

Cynthia said: “Na inside airport you dey and you dey complain wait make u enter street first.”

David said: “Fear catch the boy him see plenty mad people when they ok.”

sugarlipz said: “U don tel am say nepa de take light 4 night 4 here too, make e no com de shout mummy Am blind.”

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