“This time last year I was begging for food and where and my children will sleep” Regina Chukwu shares testimony as she set to feed 10 widows for Christmas

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu is set to make a positive impact this holiday season by providing meals for 10 widows.

On her Instagram page, she expressed empathy for widows and widowers, acknowledging the challenges of lonely nights, broken promises, sole responsibility, expectations, and more.

She announced that she would be buying Christmas chicken for 10 widows who couldn’t afford it and would choose randomly. Chukwu added that this time last year was brave and also this year, God’s grace has been sufficient for her.

“If you are a widow/widower just know that everything will be okay
I understand the lonely nights
I understand the promise and fail
I understand the sole responsibility
I understand the expectation
I understand the stigmatization
I understand the pain
I understand the trauma
I understand the unanswered questions
Believe me, it can only get better

I will be buying Christmas chicken for 10 widows who can’t afford it this Christmas I will choose randomly (will make a post for it later)

It’s another 1st Sunday of December and aren’t we grateful
It’s Been God
Hmmmm this time last year it was grace, this yr also grace has been sufficient”.

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