Don’t let world angry For you”– Politician Opeyemi “Don’t let the world be angry with you,” Politician Opeyemi Falegan Drag Mohbad’s wife about the delay in conducting a DNA test.

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Nigerian politician Opeyemi Falegan, in a recent social media post, questions Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi, about the delay in conducting a DNA test on the singer’s son, Liam.

Mohbad’s father has repeatedly stated that a DNA test must be carried out on Liam to determine if he is indeed his biological grandson as people from Ekiti where he is from do not accept ‘’bastards”. 

Recall Intel Region had earlier reported that Police have told Mohbad father to come and get his late son body from the morgue for burial but the father is holding it back because he wants a DNA test to be carried out on Mohbad’s son before the singer is reburied.

In a post shared on his Instagram page today November 22nd 2023, politician Opeyemi Falegan, the Nkechi Blessing ex-partner who is from Ekiti state wrote;

‘’Why is wunmi not doing the DNA? Why taking forever? Don’t get Ekiti people upset pls , I need to know if the child is Ekiti child so I can send my financial support pls. DNA is important pls on this issue , even if the child is adopted , we wanna know . Na so DNA hard? I did DNA for all my kids”

See reactions below;

francesokonedet: The DNA should go both ways. Mohbad’s father also needs to do the test in order to be sure he is the true father before Wunmi can do hers😍.

mrhorlic: 😂😂😂😂😂😂by the mention of the name DNA 🧬 every woman must fear.

an_na_bella11: Na why nkechi blessing abad0n you be this Ejo yin ti poju sir.

kmo.enoma: At this point, if she finally do the DNA and it the DNA come out, and it positive that the child is mohbad child, it shows that she wasn’t sure if the child was for mohbad… cos I don’t know how a DNA test a big deal.

_larissa_fonte: on a child she carried for 9 months? 😂……. Thank God Wunmi is not me 😂some pple really have guts with thier demands and how dey do it.

wig.palette: Let the accuser do dna nah Shuuuuuuu What’s up. Did he tell her to come for collection on samples and she refused??? Are alll of u Mad ni. She should use her money and time or what. To prove what. Wtf is wrong with y’all….. the accuser should make arrangements and carry it out. Nobody hold una hand. If nah me sef I will never do it on my own as far as I know I’m innocent. Y’all doubt the paternity not her. So use ur money and do it!!!…. I’m sure she wnt turn u down wen u are ready. Ori gbogboyin ti daru🙄.

miraclediamond318: At this point, it looks like wunmi has a skeleton in her cupboard and am disappointed because I have been defending in all comments section….. she really need to do something 😢🙌.

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