“Wonder How Beautiful She Will Look When She Grow Up”- Baby With Makeup On Her Face Goes Viral.

Written by fazazy39

A video of an adorable baby went viral as netizens observed that her face featured makeup resembling that of an adult. In the video, which sparked various reactions, the baby smiled, seemingly showcasing her beauty.

While some expressed admiration for the baby girl, others criticized her mother, who insisted it was a Snapchat filter.

Social media users are engaging with the video, expressing their thoughts on the young mother applying what appears to be adult makeup on her baby.

The video’s caption clarified that the makeup on the child’s face was created with a Snapchat filter, indicating that the mother didn’t physically apply the makeup.

Despite this clarification, some netizens disagreed with the explanation.

The baby was seen smiling beautifully and confidently showcasing her face, captivating netizens and drawing them into the video.

The video was captioned: “Snapchat filter got me looking so beautiful.”

Some people who saw the video praised the child’s beauty, while others said she was too young for that, even though it was said to be a Snapchat filter.

Reactions to the video of the baby with Snapchat makeup:

  • @Athia Ndiaye: “How did you manage to stay calm.”
  • @nathaliebalenge: “Why is it at this age?”
  • @outline gold: “Who else thinks it was Snapchat?”
  • @user2811022610954: “Awww! Sweet and lovely. Mom, please she is too early for all this thing. Her spirit isn’t yet strong.”
  • @Jove: “Don’t worry, it’s just a filter.”
  • @cherica chouxie: “She will be a beauty when she grows up.”
  • @Sweet pearl: “Y’all should calm down; it’s a Snapchat filter.”

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