“Could this be real Jazz”– Video trends as man continuously smashes his stomach with knife and it refuses to enter (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Many internet users are left in disbelief after a recent video of a man circulated on social media, leaving them in a state of shock.

In the video, the man with a highly protruded stomach raises eyebrows as he proves to all and sundry that Jazz truly exists.

In public event at the Norther part of Nigeria, the man who has been linked to be a hausa man steps out shirtless with a sharpened long knife in his hand.

leaving many in a shocked state, the man continuously smashes his stomach with the knife and that was just the beginning.

Contrary to expectations, as many anticipated the sharp knife to penetrate the stomach, revealing blood and intestines, it surprisingly refused to do so in the circulated video.

Watch the video below;

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