I suddenly found myself under Oshodi bridge after spending 21 years in America” – Nigerian man painfully shares

Written by fazazy39

A UK-trained Banking and Finance graduate, after 21 years in America, shares a poignant story of how he found himself living under Oshodi bridge in Lagos.

During a radio appearance, the man told his life narrative.

The man shared that he dedicated nine years to studying banking and finance in London.

In a dream while residing in America, he recounted flying and encountering signboards, including ‘Welcome to Bahamas,’ a usual vacation spot. Subsequently, he saw signs for ‘Welcome to London,’ ‘Welcome to Africa,’ and ‘Welcome to Nigeria.’

After spending nine years studying banking and finance in London, a man had a dream in America where he flew and saw signs welcoming him to various places, including Nigeria.

Waking up in distress, he was taken to a California hospital by his family. Discharged and flown back to Nigeria, he ended up at Yaba Psychiatric Hospital.

Unreleased due to unpaid fees, he resorted to sleeping under Oshodi Bridge until police forced him out.

During a confrontation, he regained some sanity, revealing his American background. Subsequently, he shared spending six years on a mountain undergoing a deliverance process.

Watch him narrate his story …

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