“Be careful who you fall in love with” – DJ Cuppy advises

Written by fazazy39

After her recent breakup with her British fiancé, DJ Cuppy has shared crucial relationship advice online. 💔🌟

In her X post, DJ Cuppy revealed that one of the worst prisons a person can find themselves in is a place where peace doesn’t exist. 🤔💬

With this in mind, she advised people to be careful of the kind of people they give their hearts to.

It would be recalled that she and her fiancé had broken their engagement some months ago following an unknown issue between them both.

In her Twitter post, Cuppy wrote:

“The worst prison in the world is a home without peace 💔 Be careful who you fall in love with”

In reaction, updateboyx wrote: “Florence Hope say dem never carry you reach there again ?”

brodamike07 said: “I pray you find someone that will love you and give you peace that you desire.”

knowsjoshua wrote: “Na you go fall for the wrong guy

Cause I dey here since you no see me”

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