“Igbo People and Business na 5&6”- A Igbo Man Carries 20 Coolers At once In Viral Video.

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian man garnered attention for perfectly arranging 20 coolers on his head without any of them falling.

In a trending video, he was seen at a plastic market with the coolers stacked, and as he walked, someone hyped him, highlighting his hustle to make a living.

The video clip was posted by Dynamic Eagle, who mentioned it was captured at a plastic market, although the specific market wasn’t disclosed. Some followers suggested it might be the Onitsha plastic market.

The man showcased impressive skill by arranging 20 coolers of various sizes and carrying them on his head.

The coolers, stacked on each other with some hanging by the sides, were carried on the man’s head as he walked, astonishing netizens with his seemingly effortless skill.

The narrator in the video praised the young man for his hustling spirit, emphasizing that what he did was not magic but a testament to his hustling skills.

Netizens react to the Nigerian man’s impressive hustling skills:

  • @KELVIN: “This place looks like Onitsha.”
  • @Mercy: “May God send a destiny helper to him soon. Igbo people and hard work na 5&6.”
  • @blessingzimma: “Expressway Onitsha by plastic market opposite housing estate Fegge Onitsha. No be magic na real.”
  • @user2014613673581: “God bless his hustling.”
  • @Jadon: “Small cooler we dey carry take dey chop, e reach your turn your use juju.”
  • @toniachioma: “May God crown his efforts with success.”
  • @xtandesmanco: “Everything una go put am juju.”
  • @user6825808659526: “I first think say na traffic lights.”
  • @user3394291091719: “God bless every man hustling out here.”
  • @emekajoe638: “I remember when I dey carry cooler like that for ogbo plastic.”

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